Local Market Information October 19, 2022

Today is a great time to “look” for a home in Minnesota

October 2022: The days on market are continuing to extend. The reasons include:


  • The numerous Covid buyers who have all purchased or have stopped looking.

  • The current home loan rates.

  • The number of homes to view on the market have increased.

  • The existing inventory of homes for sale in the market that are overpriced.  


..HOWEVER, fresh buyers wake up every day and say “I’ve had enough. I need a nice home”. Inventory grows every day when new sellers decide it’s time to move. Today is a great time for buyers to look for and tour homes. The advantage for buyers is that they have more choices of homes to view and the process is more enjoyable as opposed to the frenzy of same day multiple buyers and offers in 2020, 2021 and early 2022.

Viewing properties in person is the best way to find out what you like in a home. Call or text me at 320-291-6402 if you notice a home that you are curious about and we will go take a quick look. I appreciate the opportunity to help you. Thank you again – Ron