Local Market Information January 8, 2024

Why Winter Is a Good Time To List Your Home

Why Winter Is a Good Time To List Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home in the winter months, there’s no reason for cold feet. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the spring rush and take advantage of today’s fast-paced market. As you make your decision, consider the many benefits that come with listing during the off-season.

 Less Competition

Fewer homes on the market means your property will get more attention from buyers. You also have the opportunity to more easily make your home stand out from the competition. With the help of your agent, you can check out comparable properties, highlight your home’s unique features and market it for wide-scale appeal. Selling your home in winter is also a great time to accentuate its energy-saving features, like double-paned windows, updated HVAC systems and insulated attics and basements.

Motivated Buyers

Buyers looking during the winter months often have an urgent reason to find a new home. Whether they’re moving because of job relocation, an expiring lease or changing family circumstances, they tend to be more determined to make strong offers to close quickly. Smart buyers also understand that they need to get a jump on the spring market to avoid the competition of the current low inventory-high demand environment.

Year-Round Online Buyers

With today’s interactive real estate portals and increased social media marketing, buyers can learn about and shop for homes any time of the year. They don’t necessarily need to visit properties in person to narrow down their selection. That’s why it’s essential to work with an agent who understands that quality photography and engaging video are key to maximizing online buyer appeal. Your agent can also assist with real or virtual staging to further capture buyer interest, allowing them to imagine themselves cozied up by the fireplace or enjoying family meals around the dining table.

Easier Landscaping

Selling your home in winter generally means less time and money spent on improving curb appeal, yet another benefit of listing off-season. It’s much easier to keep foliage trimmed and looking nice as opposed to during the lush spring and summer months. Now may also be a good time to purchase a new mailbox or welcome mat, subtle elements that can make an impact.

Although the housing market slows down during the winter months, you can still achieve a successful outcome. Limited inventory actually presents an opportunity to show your home’s full potential to motivated buyers, leading to a quicker, less hectic, more profitable sale.